(lead heroine) - "I'm going to snap that boner in half." She's a youthful, raven haired, punk rock, feminist, female super heroine, that gets her super powers from eating chocolate. Minty is inspired by the SuicideGirls. She's a sexier punk rock version of Aeon Flux, Trinity from The Matrix, and Selene from Underworld.


"Double Delicious"


(lead villainess) - "Animals and humans are motivated to act by two things -- the need for food and the need for sex."
She's a blonde, full-figured, vampire seductress, who sucks more than just blood. Double Delicious is inspired by the lesbian female vampires that graced the 70’s retro films of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco, such as Vampyros Lesbos and most notably Fascination starring Brigitte Lahaie.



"Big Boss"


(the mentor) - "Flow like water, expand and contract. Take advantage of what you have and what your enemy lacks."
He's an older, muscle-bound gentlemen, whose body is impervious to pain due to experimental surgeries. Big Boss is inspired by the classic mentor archetype featured in classic Nintendo games – most notably the commanding officer in Metal Gear who guides the gamer through enemy territory.



"Doctor Brain Bender"


Chip has starred in many theatrical productions, sketch comedy performances, commercials, television and films; most recently on Veronica Mars and Criminal Minds. Chip says that he prefers to explore unusual, quirky characters and says that there is none better than our beloved Dr. Brain Bender and can’t wait to get inside his twisted head and feast upon his pure deliciousness (insert evil laugh). Chip is represented theatrically by Baier/Kleinman International.
(major villain) - "Your body is regulated by your brain, homeboy. Let me show you the power of psychic surgery." He's the evil mastermind who is the ultimate comic book fanboy. He has the power to control your mind and make you do bad things. Doctor Brain Bender is inspired by a combination of Dr. Mindbender from the G.I. Joe cartoon and Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons cartoon.



"Captain Capability"


Hawk is a 24 year old who lives between Los Angeles and Miami while pursuing a career as an Actor / Pro Wrestler / MMA Fighter. He recently retired from the WWE to focus solely on his acting career. Hawk has recently signed a developmental deal with XFC Fighting, as he follows his dream of becoming a star in MMA (5-1 so far in pro career). He has a a legitimate background as a producer on several films. Hawk is 6’4’’, 235 lbs., muscular and athletic with green eyes and blonde hair. While on athletic scholarship for Football and Ice Hockey, he earned his degree in Theatre from the University of Idaho and minored in Television/Film Production.
(villain) - "Give up. A little girl like you can't hurt me." He's a super human with a super ego who can run faster than a race car and is stronger than hippopotamus. Captain Capability is inspired by Superman.



"Sensational Ninja"


McKay began his trek to Los Angeles after finishing high school in Washington State. After a brief stint as a professional dancer he took to martial arts and gymnastics and began focusing on his acting and stunt careers. Studied in several disciplines, including Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's art), Wushu Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Boxing, McKay sees himself as an upstart, crackerjack combo of Tom Cruise meets Jackie Chan. He also works as a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer, which he will be doing on MINTY (in addition to playing the role of "Sensational Ninja").
(villain) - "Iron Eagle Claw Death Strike!"
He's an effeminate, male ninja, with a glittering ninja suit. His big sword can chop you in half... if he knew how to use it properly. Sensational Ninja is inspired by the Japanese comic book phenomenon known as “yaoi” – homosexual male characters in romantic stories that have an avid following of mostly female readers. He’s also inspired by the feminine depictions of male characters in the Sailor Moon cartoons.



"Rat Monster"


David has been acting ever since the first grade when he got his first role as Hanzel's dog in "Hanzel and Grettel." As a SAG actor, David has three independent features scheduled for release this Summer; Mere Mortals, Alice in Storage Land, and The Crow Purgatory. David also portrays Jim Morrison in the San Francisco Summer of Love Review and is the lead singer of the originial rock n roll band, The Stereoblasters.
(villain) - "There is no meaning to life. We're just one big accident... the result of the Cosmic Big Bang of Creation."
He's a pissed off mutant who was deformed since birth. He hides in the shadows and smells like crap. Rat Monster is inspired from classic movie monsters such as mutants and werewolves.



"Bruce Zee"


(villain) - "Why do you kill? Why do you play this game... this game of death?"
He's an amazing martial artist with a giant fist. He has the power of a dragon, the grace of a swan, and the out of control hormones of a rabbit. Bruce Zee inspired by the martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.



"Molly Leviathan"


A San Francisco native, Jacki was born to entertain. At a young age, she developed multiple talents while achieving academic success. Appointed "Salutatorian" and "Most Dramatic" in high school, Jacki went on to graduate Cum Laude from San Francisco State University as a Theatre major and Business minor. She then worked as a Hooters Girl and was a featured model in the Official Hooters' Calendar before moving to L.A. in 2005. Since then, she has been seen as an Actress (various), Stunt Player ("Crank"), Hostess ("RipeTV"), Dancer ("Adventures of Power"), and Drummer (Universal Label) in several major productions.
(villain) - "Minty is an interesting name. It sounds mouth watering."
She's a cute Japanese school girl that is skilled in grappling and has the ability to shoot venom from her body. Molly Leviathan is inspired by the girls in the Sailor Moon cartoon. Her character is a cross between the sea monster, Leviathan, in biblical stories and the Sirens in Greek mythology who seduce sailors by enchanting them.



"Zen Cowboy"


Ricardo was born in Argentina (of Sicilian, Gypsy, Spanish and Syrian descent). He recently moved to Los Angeles, after a 10-year stint in Hong Kong. His feature film credits include; So Close, Gen-Y Cops, Heat Team, Star Runner, Vampire Effect; The Medallion (with Jackie Chan); Ultraviolet (with Milla Jovovich), North by el Norte; the short films: Ferryman, Crimson Streets, Suicide and Leaving Bougainville and the comedy pilot Pizza Time produced by Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle). Some of his stage credits include, The Zoo Story; Chronicle of a Kidnapping (which he directed); The Glass Menagerie; The Browning Version; Measure For Measure; the highly acclaimed Hong Kong Premiere of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross (which he also produced) and more. Besides his film and stage credits, Ricardo performed the stunts and main characters movement for the video game Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for Ubi-Soft Entertainment and worked in numerous TV commercial campaigns worldwide. Ricardo is currently developing the independent film The Glue Boy - under his company Necessary Pictures - based on a true story during the Argentinean dictatorship in 1970's.
(villain) - (blindfolded) "The auditory projection of your voice combined with the distance of your footsteps allows me to calculate your height."
He's a blindfolded gunslinger who can sense your aura. He's deep into spirituality and straight up violence. Zen Cowboy is inspired by a combination of Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsman and the cool cowboys from spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone.



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