Executive Producers

Eugene Baldovino
Ryo Sakai

Writer & Director
Film Editor
Eugene Baldovino
Eugene grew up in San Francisco and his interest in filmmaking started in high school where he shot alternative inline skate videos for Videogroove in the early 90's. It wasn't long before he would start his own skate video company, Ground Down Productions, and released "Better Than Drugs," which put Northern Califonia skaters on the map. Soon after, he went to college and received his BFA from the Academy of Art University in Film where he honed his skills in screenwriting and editing. Then he got his professional start at TBWA/Chiat/Day where he was an Assistant Editor. Later, he went off to pursue television writing & producing at TechTV where he was a Production Assistant for three years. Eventually, Eugene sold everything he owned in San Francisco to move to New York where he became an Assistant Editor, once again, for the Discovery Channel and later became a Media Editor for MTV.

After a series of life-changing moments in the Big Apple, Eugene would leave the entertainment industry to pursue an education in natural science in San Diego, but was unsuccessful as he failed his Intro to Chemistry class. Humbled by that disappointing experience, he had to reassess his abilities and through his English Composition class, Eugene re-discovered his gift for creative writing.

With nothing but a screenplay in his laptop and a dream in his heart, Eugene moved to Los Angeles. There, he quickly found work as an Assistant Editor on high profile music videos for Sunset Edit. And he was able to get Assistant Editing work on various independent pictures where he gained valuable knowledge on feature film making. But during monotonous tasks such as digitizing tapes into Avid, he secretly wrote screenplays when no one was looking.

Minty: The Assassin would be Eugene's third feature script that was born out of the desperation to make a movie which could be realistically done on an ultra low budget. He resurrected his skate video company that was created 10 years ago, Ground Down Productions, to make his feature film.

Locked in a room with nothing but red wine and psychology self-help books, Eugene decided to not be held back by what his family and friends would think and wrote an uninhibited B-movie that was his own secret fantasy. If you were a film maker and could create any kind of movie you desired, would it be the goriest slasher movie ever made? A high art, erotic film with every fetish you kept secret? Or maybe a wonderful documentary about your pet gold fish, Charlie? Well, Minty: The Assassin is Eugene's ultimate, unrestricted, fanboy fantasy about lesbians, martial arts, high heels, and science.

Brandy Jones

Brandy attended the Philippine Performing Arts Company of Tampa Bay, Florida, which reared and cultivated her appreciation of the arts at a young age. She attained a BA Degree in Mass Communications from Boston College, focusing primarily on Television Production. Positions at local television venues, to include Time Warner Communications, made Brandy confident that she had found her niche.

A 6-month journey of producing a documentary about her grandfather, a WWII POW and survivor of the Bataan Death March, led Brandy to move to New York City, where she took on an Associate Producer role for post 9/11 inspired documentaries, which aired on MSBNC and A&E.

Brandy found her true calling for storytelling when she ventured into producing her first 35mm short film, ‘The Alchemy of Thieves’, and has since produced other numerous short films and features, including GRAVITY, Winner for Best Short Film at the Moondance Film Festival and Best Audience Award at HYPE-FEST.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Brandy's independent filmmaking career continues to raise the bar through the creation of quality films and documentaries that not only entertain, but move, touch, and inspire.

David Lockhart
David was born and bred in the Oakland/Piedmont area and has been making television since he bought his first VHS camcorder in the 7th grade. David attended California State University at Chico, where he graduated with a degree in Media Arts and a minor in Theater. After graduation, David landed a job with CNET Networks as a Writer and Lighting Director for their entire studio shows, including "The New Edge" hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Subsequently David worked on the national cable channel Tech TV for six years. He was a producer and writer for the show "Internet Tonight", which won a regional Emmy two years in a row for "Best Entertainment Program" and "Best Educational Special." David also won a regional Emmy for a segment about the annual "Burning Man" festival. David has produced and directed numerous short and full feature independent films, including "Impression" which was showcased at the Orinda, Napa Valley, and Oakland International Film Festivals.

E. Ivan Hopkinson

Line Producer
Julissa DeJesus
Born to active duty Latino-American parents, Julissa Nedy de Jesus was born on Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan. Having traveled her entire life, she grew tremendous passion for people and storytelling. Julissa acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film from the Florida State University, School of Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts. She kicked off her career in New York City, taking on projects in Production Management to include the European feature film L.V.J., independent short, Wake Of The Fallen Sun, and the prestigious 2004 Mix Show Power Summit, held in Puerto Rico. Opportunities migrated westward, leading Julissa to relocate to sunny Los Angeles, California where she is currently furthering her career in filmmaking.

Associate Producer
First Assistant Director
Samir Vural

Director of Photography
Marcus Ubungen

Casting Director
Sherrie Henderson

Production Designer
Kelsey Fowler

Costume Designer
Jason Griffin

Sound Mixer
Michael Lengies

Special Effects Makeup
Ben Bornstein

Stunt Coordinator
Second Unit Director
McKay Stewart
McKay began his trek to Los Angeles after finishing high school in Washington State. After a brief stint as a professional dancer he took to martial arts and gymnastics and began focusing on his acting and stunt careers. Studied in several disciplines, including Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's art), Wushu Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Boxing, McKay sees himself as an upstart, crackerjack combo of Tom Cruise meets Jackie Chan. He also works as a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer, which he will be doing on MINTY (in addition to playing the role of "Sensational Ninja").

1st Assistant Camera
Scott Resnick
Bas Tiele

Jason J. Tomaric

Key Grip
Eric R. Velarde

John David Mullen

Make-Up Artist & Hair
Sara Rose

Assistant Make-Up Artist
Caitlin Harlin

Dental Technician
Rufus Hearn

Art Production Assistant
Matt Taylor

Stylist Production Assistant
Yvonne Troung

Sound Production Assistant
Robert Romero

Craft Services
Ashley Muncaster

Production Assistants
Cary Woodworth
Scott Castle
Jared Norman
Joseph Mateland

Elina Madison
(Stunt Performer)
Sarah Brown
(Stunt Double)
Elan Tom
(Stunt Performer)
Jacki R. Chan
(Stunt Performer)
Mario Perez
(Utility Stunts)

Special Thanks
Anthony Barroga
Stephen Jang
Hahn Choi
Melrose Lightspace
Tim Conway
Lucy Gallardo
Lisa Fisher
Screen Actors Guild